What makes Kids Always Kount Therapy different?

Our intervention strategies & integrated team approach is based on the goal of accessing the brain’s ability to change for lasting results, also known as neuroplasticity. In order to achieve this, treatment must be focused, frequent, consistent and/or intensive. A thorough neuro-developmental evaluation of your child identifies the specific area(s) to begin targeting (focused) and then we provide treatment options that are either frequent and consistent or frequent, consistent, and intensive. Our goal is to facilitate brain growth and development so that he/she can make long-lasting progress and can catch up more quickly.


We provide and use cutting-edge, evidence-based therapy in an collaborative, multidisciplinary manner using multiple brain-based interventions that are specifically designed to meet your child’s needs. Our team of experienced, highly skilled professionals includes: occupational, physical and speech therapists, audiologists, and education professionals. Our integrated team ensures that all areas of concern are assessed so optimal results may be achieved in therapy.  Additionally, we embrace communication with physicians, educators, psychologists, counselors, and all other professionals involved in your child’s care.

Not all therapists are created equally . . . . .

What to look for in a pediatric therapist:

*The therapist should conduct a thorough diagnostic evaluation before therapy begins so that effective goals can be established.  As a parent/legal guardian, you should receive a written copy of the evaluation as well as be given the opportunity to ask for clarification on anything that is unclear to you.

*The therapist should provide direct, one-to-one customized treatment in a sensory-rich setting utilizing unique equipment to meet your child’s needs.  (When children reach certain milestones, it may be helpful for them to be involved in a group setting. Some children, with multiple needs and/or that have limited scheduling options, may benefit from more than one professional working with him/her during the same hour to make optimal gains in all areas.)

*Parent/caregiver education is an integral part of the treatment program, and the therapist should provide demonstrations and/or written feedback regarding home programs.  Home programs can lead to faster gains and long-lasting results that carry over into daily life.

*Post-treatment evaluations should be completed and documented by therapists in order to provide evidence of progress your child has made.

*An effective therapist should provide consistent family support and believe in you and in the potential of your child.  She will also take time to listen to your feedback and answer any questions you may have.

*Lastly, but importantly, an effective pediatric therapist should use fun play during therapy and design therapeutic activities so that children are motivated and will feel successful in at least one or more aspects of each session.

Does my child need occupational therapy?

Parents should consider seeking an evaluation with an occupational therapist if their child demonstrates weaknesses or an inability to independently perform the majority of skills within each age group:


Does my child need physical therapy?

Parents should consider seeking an evaluation with a physical therapist if their child demonstrates weaknesses or an inability to independently perform the majority of skills within each age group:


Does my child need speech therapy?

If you are wondering if your child requires the assistance of a speech-language pathologist, below are a few key developmental guidelines to help you answer that question:




As Kids Always Kount provides testing, therapy, and educational services for individuals up to 21 years of age, we have additional screening criteria and guidelines for services that expand beyond the information provided in these links.  If you have questions that are not answered on our website, we would love to speak with you directly about those concerns. Please give us a call at (251) 517-0355 so we can help you navigate through the information that may be beneficial.


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