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About Kids Always Kount

Kids Always Kount Therapy Services is a Christ-centered, client-focused company that was established with a primary mission to foster a sense of achievement within each child and to improve the quality of life for those children and their families. Kids Always Kount Therapy Services recognizes and respects the uniqueness of every child. We firmly believe that every child deserves an opportunity to learn and play with optimal function at home, at school, and across all social settings.

Each client is assessed and treated with an individualized program to meet his or her developmental learning needs. Our therapy techniques skillfully weave sensory experiences and practical application into activities of daily living. In order to keep children motivated and successful, therapy sessions are subtly structured so that your child is challenged but always successful in some aspect of the session. To the child, it seems that he or she is simply having fun play; but the client is actually building skills and confidence. Children learn to work through challenges in a caring, supportive, Christian environment; and we all celebrate their accomplishments.


Kids Always Kount

Providing quality speech, occupational, and physical therapy for individuals ages birth to 21 years.

Our Services

  • ADHD Evaluations and Interventions/Coaching
  • Auditory Processing Assessments & Interventions
  • Augmentative Communication Assessments & Device Implementation
  • Articulation and/or Voice Therapy
  • Autism Testing (Provisional Diagnosis)
  • Dyslexia Assessments & Treatment
  • Dysphagia (i.e. Oral Aversions & Swallowing Problems) Therapy
  • Executive Functioning Programs
  • Functional Vision Assessments & Interventions
  • Handwriting Programs
  • Irlen Screenings
  • Life Skills Groups & Classes
  • Oral Motor Assessments & Treatment
  • Motor Skills Development (Assessments and Interventions)
  • Neurosensorimotor Reflex Integration
  • Sensory Integration and Praxis Testing (SIPT)
  • Social Communication and Language Interventions
  • Sports Integration Programs
  • Tethered Oral Tissue Assessments

Eastern Shore
26420 Kensington Place, Suite C | Daphne, AL 36526
Office: 251.517.0355
Fax: 251-625-1969

Mobile & Surrounding Areas
1000 Hillcrest Road, Suite 210 | Mobile, AL 36695
Office: 251.586.8040

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